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China Airlines Cargo

China Airlines Cargo is ranked as one of the most prominent cargo carriers in the world. It provides outstanding service to its customers and has been twice rated as the number one cargo carrier through surveys conducted by the Air Cargo Week magazine.

China Airlines has a fleet of 71 aircrafts, including 51 Passenger Jets and 20 Freighters and continually tries to enhance its products for providing seamless service to all its customers. It offers convenient schedule, with routes extending to the major cities in the North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania China Airlines provides you with the best and most convenient service.

China Airlines has many awards and recognitions to its credit for its service and efficiency. The airline maintains a highly skilled workforce and specialized staff with a long-term commitment to training.


China Airlines Passenger

China Airlines Passenger has a strong network, strategic alliances and a fleet of sophisticated aircrafts. With Taipei as the hub and a fleet of AB 330-300, ex Delhi, China Airlines is the finest choice for both leisure and business travel. It has a network of 104 destinations in 28 countries and regions. They also become the 15th member airlines of Sky Team on September 28th, 2011. The Sky Team member airlines fly to cities in over 173 countries with more than 900 destinations.

China Airlines Passenger derives its strengths from its long-term commitment to product innovation & quality service, constant up gradation of technology, continuously fostering a spirit of teamwork among its employees and driving its staff throughout the organization towards the vision of the airline.